Our Advantages

The whole producing process from material to product is under strictly on-site quality control.

  • Customization Of Different Needs
    Customization Of Different Needs
    The technology is mature and can meet the customization of different needs of customers.
  • Drainage Related Fields
    Drainage Related Fields
    It is widely used in kitchen, bathroom, outdoor and other drainage related fields.
  • Strict Quality Control
    Strict Quality Control
    We have strict quality control to ensure product quality.
  • Save Time & Cost
    Save Time & Cost
    To save time and cost for both parties and bring maximum benefits to you.
  • Supporting Production Capacity
    Supporting Production Capacity
    Supporting production capacity of alloy casting, forging, stamping, machining and polishing
  • Foreign Markets
    Foreign Markets
    Engaged in foreign trade for many years & understand the needs of foreign markets
  • CSA Certification
    CSA Certification
    Some products has been applied and passed through the CSA certification.
  • R&D Engineers
    R&D Engineers
    Our R&D engineers are rich of expertise and experience in designing software

Welcome To Customize

Can customize all kinds of special products with different materials, different appearance and different ingredients according to the different needs of guests.

Our Company

We will strictly control the quality, carry out the production in strict accordance with the plan, and complete the production before the scheduled time.

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